Fremont County provides voters with opportunities to cast their ballot before Election Day, either by voting during the early voting period or requesting an absentee ballot and voting by mail. This allows voters to participate in the election process, even if they are not present during Election Day.

How to Vote Absentee by Mail:

Request a ballot. If you would like to vote absentee, you must complete the absentee ballot request form. You can complete the online form, or download and return the paper form to us by mail, fax, email or visiting our office Your request is valid for the calendar year. You may request an absentee ballot for any or all of the elections for the calendar year.  . Please note, you must request your ballot at least 11-days prior to the election by mail, fax or email. Please allow seven to 10 days to process your request. We are not responsible for the ballot while in possession of the postal service .

  • Complete your ballot. Take the time to completely fill out your ballot.
  • Return your ballot to the Fremont County Court House. Once you are done voting, you need to return your ballot to us. You can return your ballot by mail or return it to one of our drop box locations. All ballots must be returned by 8 p.m. on Election Day in order to be counted.

 Absentee Ballot Form PDF

Submit Absentee Ballot ONLINE Absentee Ballot Instructions-1

Ballot Drop Box Locations

There are TWO drop box location in Fremont County.

St. Anthony DROP BOX is located at the WEST side of the court house building. It is a locked BLUE METAL DROP BOX with the County Logo. Drop off ends at 8:00 PM on Election Day.  

Ashton DROP BOX is located inside the Ashton City Building, 714 Main Street, Ashton ID, DROP OFF ENDS AT  3:30 PM ELECTION DAY.

Drop boxes are available for ballot deposit and are monitored by camera. One is located at the Court House West parking lot. It is a blue drop boxes are not drive-up accessible. Voters may choose to cast their ballot at any of the available locations, regardless of where they live in the county.

Early Voting

All qualified voters may vote during Early Voting. This is available at the Fremont County Court House in Room 12. 8AM-5PM  

Early voting begins 2 weeks before Election day and ends the Friday before Election day.  Voter Registration is available at the time of voting. Bring your ID.