We do not offer any traffic schools or driving courses. We do not offer deferred prosecution or pleas in abeyance on infraction citations. We do not dismiss citations or expunge infractions from your driving record  for taking a driving course. If you are concerned about the points associated with a citation, reach out to your insurance company and/or your state's department of transportation for options to remove points. 

General Information

The Defendant may admit the infraction charge and pay the fixed penalty by:

The Defendant can deny the infraction by:

  • Sending in the citation with the denial box checked on the back or bottom of the citation. 
  • Filling out and filing a Plea of Not Guilty with the court. (See form below)

Related Documents

Submit your denial to the court in person or via email to

After a Denial or Plea of Not Guilty has been entered, a Pre-trial Hearing will be scheduled. A Notice of Hearing will be sent to you. This type of hearing is generally held by telephone. You will be responsible for contacting the prosecutor on the designated date and time noted on the Notice of Hearing.

Citation for No Insurance:

  • If you had insurance at the time that you received the citation but didn't have your proof of insurance in your vehicle, you may present your proof of insurance to the court for a dismissal of the charge. You can do this: in person or by completing the Proof of Insurance Form.
  • If you plead guilty or are found guilty, you may be subject to the Automatic License Suspension Law by the Department of Transportaion.